17 October 2014

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

Woohoo, our band, Flange, is on a mini "tour" this weekend!
We're going dooooown....South, that is.
We play The Penguin Club in Oamaru tonight, and Purple Rain in Dunedin tomorrow night.
Rock n bloody roll!
I'll try and post a few pix to our Facebook page.

Jacket-made by moi using a 60's pattern from Vix. (One of those patterns that made me glad for my training, as it needed some serious alterations for fit and shape)
Shoes-Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Handbag-60's, from my sistercousinwifey
Flower- a gift
Necklace-from Kristalicious

As you well know, I've developed a square dance frock obsession in the last couple of years...evolve, evolve, change is good....and I figured I better bloody start making a few...this is my first!
I used a retro sheet I got for a dollar, which was a brilliant bargain, as I didn't have the right colour ric rac and had to bite the bullet and buy some. There's a lotta fabric in these frocks and a whole lotta gathering....talk about testing my patience!
But I persevered, and I love it! Fits like a dream.
You'll see it in action next post!

Have splendid weekends, y'all; see you on the other side!


14 October 2014

So unplug the jukebox and do yourself a favor

Mmmmmm, soaking up the sunshiney warmth!
The best thing about in between seasons such as Spring and Autumn is being able to wear capes.
You know, you just need a little something that's not too heavy, and a cape is just the ticket-not to mention perfectly dashing darlings!

My darling sistercousinwifey gave me this divoon 60's handbag at the very first Helgastock way back in 2011!
(Plans are currently afoot for Helgastock 2015....ho ho ho)

Frock-opshopped (it's so badly made it's hilariarse)
Cardi-opshopped, was white, dyed it yellow years ago
Cape-60's, Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me
Bow, sunglasses and beads-from my sistercousinwifey
Peek-a-boo brassiere-retail

I scored myself a red vinyltastic 70's bag the other day-I'm so happy about it, as red is likely my favourite colour. I say likely as every colour is my favourite colour, really, only I notice I own and wear a hell of a lot of red.
Not much else to speak of this week, just a few more hangers, a slightly glittery pink belt and a purpley pink blankie!


10 October 2014

When love walks in the room-everybody stand up!

I seem to be having a hair down phase.
I'll snap out of it shortly!
I don't wear it down much as it annoys the shit out of me!
It's itchy, gets in my face, my food, my underwear......
I love having it long so I can do big bouffants, though, and I wouldn't dream of cutting it.

G doesn't mind his flying about, he even sleeps happily with his hair all over his face...ugh, that just creeps me out.
Both of us having long hair means a frequently clogged shower!
Not to mention the mystery hairs in lunches and so on. I often pull long, long hairs of of my knickers, and I know whose they are by the colour and the strength!

Frock-early 50's, from Fossil Vintage in Melbourne
Jacket-a gift from a friend
Necklace and 60's vanity case-from my sistercousinwifey
Earrings-from sweet Leisa

Aren't the details delicious?!

Give us a snog!